Mens Cologne Guide: How to Wear Cologne Like a Fierce Pro

mens cologne guide

The thing about colognes and perfumes is its something we tend to only really think about until you have to.

All of sudden you may need to know which fragrance will go best with the occasion or which scent will pair well with the look you’re going for and you’ll need that information fast!

And maybe you have a friend or a wife (like me) who can guide you and give some pointers.

But if you want to learn the nuances of wearing cologne properly or how to pick out a cologne that fits you on your own, then this section is for you! It is an essential guide for the modern man…the well groomed warrior!

The science of fragrances and perfumes isn’t complex but it can be a handful. Luckily I fretted over it before you got here and we have put together the best tips and tricks on wearing mens cologne.

Which Guy Are You?

  1. John, 25 year old
    • Works in finance and enjoys spending his free time outdoors.
    • He is always looking for new fashion trends to keep up with the times.
    • He wants to know which notes make each fragrance special and how to use it to his advantage.
  2. Mark, 32 years old
    • A business professional who wants to present himself in a more polished manner at work and social gatherings.
    • He’s willing to invest more money into his wardrobe if it means he’ll look better and make a good impression on others.
    • He wants to know which fragrances are the best for each occasion and how to apply it properly to get the greatest effect
  3. Adam, 22 years old
    • An aspiring entrepreneur who is just starting out with fashion and personal styling basics.
    • He needs simple yet effective tips that won’t take too much time or effort but will still help him improve his overall look and aroma.

What Do You Need Help With?

What Makes Bond No. 9 Fragrances Special
  • The best way to apply cologne
  • The scent you should wear for an upcoming special occasion
  • Searching for fragrances that lasts longer throughout the day
  • Figuring out which 2 scents you can mix together to create your own custom scent
  • Finding easy-to-follow advice that helps you look your best without spending too much time or money on it
  • Not knowing what notes will work best with your body chemistry
  • Not sure how much cologne is too much – one spray or two?

We’ve gathered together all of the best tips and advice on wearing mens cologne available. Together they make up a list of easy guides and tutorials to help educate you on all things colognes.

Our guides include how to wear cologne so it’s noticeable but not overpowering, types of colognes and the basics of fragrances. You will learn how to apply cologne properly and to consider factors such as skin type (oily/dry), intensity level desired (light/strong), occasion (formal/casual) etc.

Basically, you will be a total pro when its all said and done!

Mens Cologne Guide and Tips

So if you want to make heads turn, have the ladies notice you, then these tips and guides for mastering the art of perfume are essential. Here is what you will learn:


Everyone has a signature scent that jives with them. Some cats prefer light floral scents while others like bolder woody aromas.

If you’re getting your style game up, then you’ll definitely need to learn about the various types of cologne and notes in each one. Understanding the ingredients and the kind of aroma and feeling each gives is crucial to the kind of swag you want to give off.

  • Types Of Cologne For Men, Different Notes In Mens’ Colognes
  • How To Identify Fake/counterfeit Perfume Products
  • Are There Any Natural Ingredients Used In Making Perfume

Application and Usage

Believe it or not, theres actually more to applying cologne than just spraying it on your clothes or skin. You want to make sure you get the most out of your scent (because they are not cheap) by using correct application techniques.

Applying too much cologne can overwhelme those around you, while not applying enough won’t allow you to reap all the benefits of your scent

For example, spraying a few spritzes onto your pulse points (wrists, inner elbows, neck) is the best way to ensure that your scent lasts all day long without being overpowering. In addition to pulse points, you can also spray some on your chest or behind each ear for an even longer-lasting effect.

Thats just a few tips. For more, review our in depth guides below:

  • How To Apply Mens Cologne Properly
  • How To Layer Different Scents Of Cologne Together On A Man
  • How Long Does A Bottle Of Cologne Last?
  • Is There Any Way To Make A Cheaper Cologne Smell Better?
  • Tips To Make Your Cologne Last Longer On Your Skin

Buying and Storing

Time to learn some my favorite tips and tricks to buying not only the right scent but at a great price and in lesser known places! Also storage tips like keeping your cologne in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight exposure as heat can cause damage over time are discussed.

Scent Fundamentals

The really cool thing about wearing a fragrance or cologne is that it can really be an expression of who you are as a person. The way you smell speaks to your personality, and can tell alot to someone who has just met you without you having said a word yet!

Body chemistry plays a role in which scents work each individual. And since we’re all unique, that means a slew of unique scents that can work for you and I.

So if you’re trying to make a statement about you to others, think about what kind of impact you want your scent to have when entering a room. From musky woody scents that evoke strength and power, to light citrus notes that give off an air of sophistication, there are countless options available when choosing cologne.

  • Benefits Of Wearing Perfume For Men
  • Fragrance Guide For Men, How To Choose The Right Cologne For
  • Differences Between Cologne And Aftershave For Men
  • Differences Between Eau De Toilette And Eau De Parfum Cologne

10 Wise Actions to Take When Applying Cologne

  1. Master the art of spritzing – Perfume for men is all about knowing how to apply cologne correctly.
  2. Embrace your signature scent – Find a cologne that works for you and stick with it!
  3. Keep it light – Don’t over-apply; just a few sprays will do!
  4. Go for high-quality – so shop around until you find one that speaks to you.
  5. Layer it up – Cologne wearing tips dictate layering your scents to make them last longer and smell better throughout the day.
  6. Experiment with different fragrances – Mens cologne come in all shapes, sizes and variations; so try out some different ones until you find what fits best!
  7. Don’t forget your pulse points – Remember those key areas when applying your favorite colognes: wrists, neck, chest and behind the ears are ideal spots!
  8. Know when to apply it – Apply after showering or shaving; these activities open up pores and help absorb the scent better into skin cells.
  9. Keep an eye on expiration dates – invest in fresh bottles of cologne every year or two; they can expire quickly and lose their potency
  10. Be bold but not overpowering – one of our most important pieces of cologne advice is use more when it comes to fragrance application; be confident but don’t go overboard!

10 Ways You Benefit From Our Mens Cologne Guides

  1. You discover the perfect scent for you – these cologne wearing tips & advice will have you making a lasting impression even with the cheapest colognes!
  2. Feel confident with your signature scent – Whether it’s a classic or something more modern, folks will be asking you what you’re wearing.
  3. Make sure your scent lasts all day long – Let everybody know you smell GOOD, by learning how to properly apply cologne properly!
  4. Find out which colognes are trending now and the latest scents and notes that could work for your specific body chemistry
  5. Learn when not to wear certain scents – Certain fragrances may not agree with you, so better to learn it upfront than your lady to tell you right?
  6. Gain full understanding and guidance on where and when to apply different types of colognes so there’s never any confusion about what types of scents go where!
  7. Get creative with layering fragrances – Learn our favorite techniques and tips and tricks on how to mix and match different scents together to create unique aromas that are sure to turn heads!
  8. Understand the differences between cologne and aftershave – We got advice and pointers on using aftershave for a finishing touch of freshness and classiness!
  9. Save money by learning more about perfumes and their ingredients – If you know what goes into different types of fragrances you can make sure its a quality product that will agree with you.
  10. Stay smelling great, looking great, and feeling great regardless of where life takes you!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a business meeting or a night out with friends, our comprehensive guides, tips & advice on choosing, applying, and layering fragrances will make sure every well groomed warrior looks his best no matter where he goes!


What is the best way to apply cologne for men?

Always start with a small amount of cologne and slowly build up. Apply it to your pulse points, such as your wrists, neck and behind your ears. Avoid spraying it directly on clothes or skin.

What’s the difference between perfume and cologne for men?

Perfume contains a higher concentration of oils than cologne does, which makes it more intense and longer lasting. Cologne has a lighter scent that is usually made with citrus or herbal ingredients.

What are some tips when selecting cologne for men?

Ok we wont go into major detail here but here are a few things to consider.
1. Think about how long-lasting the scent should be.
2. Choose something that won’t overpower others but also won’t fade away too quickly.
3. Consider the season. Heavier scents may work better during colder months while lighter ones may be more suitable in summertime.
4. Also think about where you will wear it; if it’s an occasion like a date night, opt for something special but subtle at the same time! Ugh…out of breath!

How can I find the right fragrance for me?

Really the best approach is to try out different scents until you find something that you like. Consider what type of smell appeals to you most (woodsy, floral, musky or fruity) then experiment with fragrances in those categories to find one that best suits you.

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