21 Best Winter Fragrances and Colognes for Men To Warm Up To

Best winter fragrances for Men

By: Catherine Reed – January 2024

When the weather turns colder, it’s time to update your cologne. Why?

Because winter weather and heaters alter how fragrances develop, particularly since they usually make skin drier. Plus, cold conditions have a shocking impact on longevity, projection, and sillage.

So, what does that all mean? It means making now to search for one of the best winter fragrances and colognes for men is an excellent idea!

But what makes a scent one of the best winter colognes for guys? In most cases, it’s a combination of a few things.

First, you want more perfume oils, which usually means going with an eau de parfum (EDP) or parfum over a cologne or eau de toilette (EDT). Second, you want more base notes, as those help with longevity. Finally, during the winter, finding rich, warm perfumes for winter is smart, as they fit the season.

Not sure where to start? Don’t sweat it, we got you.

Christian Dior Dior Homme Intense Eau de Parfum Spray for Men, 5 Ounce

Our top pick for the best winter fragrances for men is Christian Dior’s Dior Homme Intense. It’s a crowd-pleaser for a reason, coupling gentle florals with rich musk and woods to create an accessible, sensual fragrance that turns heads for all the right reasons.

Christian Dior Dior Homme Intense EDP
A perfect balance of floral and earthy notes, Dior Homme Intense is perfect for getting complements and lasting long enough in the winter months.

Don’t know if Dior Homme Intense is right for you? That’s okay. There are plenty of other options. Here’s a closer look at our top pick, along with 20 more of the best winter fragrances and colognes for men.

Our List of Best Winter Fragrances and Colognes for Men

#1. Best Overall: Christian Dior Dior Homme Intense EDP

Christian Dior Dior Homme Intense Eau de Parfum Spray for Men, 5 Ounce


Christian Dior’s Dior Homme Intense is a versatile fragrance that’s mature without seeming “old.”

While some men may worry about the floral notes – mainly lavender and iris – they aren’t overly feminine. Instead, they’re well-balanced with ambrette, cedar, and vetiver, giving the EDP a woody, earthy, smoky quality that’s undeniably sensual. Plus, there’s a touch of pear for subtle sweetness and fruity freshness.

The end result is an elegant fragrance that works incredibly well during the winter. While it’s potentially best suited to date nights or evenings, with a light touch, it could work for casual Sunday brunches with a sweetheart, too.

Another plus is that a little goes a long way, so you may get away with a single spritz if you want to feel fresh and clean all day. It also catches women’s attention, so it does a good job of attracting compliments.


You can find Dior Homme Intense in 1.7-ounce, 3.4-ounce, and 5-ounce bottles.

Overall Rating

Overall, customers give it a 4.4-star rating, saying its sophisticated, sensual profile is confident and masculine and has excellent longevity.

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Christian Dior Dior Homme Intense EDP
A perfect balance of floral and earthy notes, Dior Homme Intense is perfect for getting complements and lasting long enough in the winter months.

#2. Best Value: Bentley for Men Intense EDP

BENTLEY for Men Intense 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum Spray


Looking for the best cheap winter fragrances for men doesn’t mean you can’t smell amazing and get solid longevity. Bentley for Men Intense EDP delivers plenty, considering its very affordable price tag.

When it comes to the scent profile, you get fantastic herbal notes of sage and bay leaf, along with cinnamon, for a touch of sweet spiciness. There’s bergamot to keep everything bright, along with rum and patchouli for depth.

You get reasonable – but not overt – projection and sillage, so this can work for the office. But the aroma is enticing, so it’s a solid choice for date nights or evenings, too.


It’s not only one of the best winter colognes under S100 but you can get a 100 ml bottle for under $50 in most cases. That’s a pretty solid deal!

Overall Rating

Overall, customers give it a 4.4-star rating. Most appreciate its staying power and that the scent feels well-rounded and mature, which you don’t usually find at this price point.

Bentley for Men Intense EDP
With a mature, luxurious and sensual scent profile of herbal with rum and patchouli notes, the Bentley for Men is great value at this price point.

#3. Best for Work: Christian Dior Fahrenheit Parfum

Christian Dior Fahrenheit Parfum Spray for Men, 2.5 Ounce


Christian Dior Fahrenheit is the best winter work cologne because it’s a crowd-pleasing, accessible scent that balances classic notes with modern elements.

You get the aromas of sandalwood and balsam coupled with a hint of sweetness from honeysuckle. There’s also brightness due to touches of mandarin orange and spiciness thanks to nutmeg notes. Leather, musk, amber, and other base notes keep everything grounded, too, ensuring the fragrance is suitably masculine.


You can find 2.5-ounce bottles with relative ease, too, and that’s a size that works well at home or if you need something slightly portable.

Overall Rating

Customers give it a 4.5-star rating, with most praising its longevity and versatility.

As a bonus, Dior Fahrenheit is also available in an EDT, aftershave, shower gel, and deodorant. That means you can choose a product that offers you the right amount of strength depending on the season.

Ultimately, by selecting the right versions, this can easily be the best summer and winter cologne, so keep that in mind if you want a signature scent.

Christian Dior Fahrenheit Parfum
Fahrenheit is well balanced with notes of sandalwood, sweetness, spiciness, and leather musk for an attractive but too over the top work winter cologne choice.

#4. Best for Everyday: Dolce & Gabbana The One Intense EDP

Dolce & Gabbana The One Intense, Eau De Parfum Spray, For Men - 100 ml / 3.3 fl.oz


My favorite thing about the Dolce & Gabbana The One Intense is that its an undeniably warm and comforting fragrance, but it’s also fresh enough to work for everyday wear.

Its main notes are cashmeran, cardamom, and leather, but there are also neroli, clary sage, and patchouli touches. Overall, the fragrance is crowd-pleasing, accessible, and incredibly wearable.

While The One Intense is definitely a noticeable fragrance, it’s not as present as many alternatives. There’s still solid staying power, but the projection and sillage are a bit subdued.

That’s why it works well for various everyday occasions, like lunches out with friends or a day at work. In other words, it performs when people are near you but doesn’t announce your presence to the world!


You can find a 3.3-ounce bottle without any issue, and that’s a solid size for most purposes.

Overall Rating

Customers give it a 4.5-star rating, with many saying it offers excellent longevity and draws in plenty of compliments.

Dolce & Gabbana The One Intense EDP
If you don't know what to wear to any function, throw on any outfit, spritz on some The One Intense, and I promise you will be perfect.

#5. Best for Date Night: Azzaro The Most Wanted Parfum

Azzaro The Most Wanted Parfum - Intense Mens Cologne - Spicy & Sensual Fragrance for Date - Lasting Wear - Irresistible Luxury Perfumes for Men, 1.6 Fl. Oz


Azzaro The Most Wanted is a seductive, intriguing scent that could easily become your go-to option for date nights. Your wifey won’t know what hit her!

At the top, you get the enticing aroma of red ginger. The heart notes feature wood accords, keeping it grounded. You’ll find bourbon and vanilla at the base, giving it a sensual sweetness.

When it comes to sillage and projection, The Most Wanted is a bit on the subtler side, but that’s not a bad thing. After all, on a date night, you want your partner to be able to get close without being overpowered by your fragrance.

But even if it’s a bit subdued, it offers plenty of staying power, often remaining detectable for nine hours.


If you’re ready to buy, you can find 1.6-ounce, 3.4-ounce, and 5-ounce bottles readily available.

Overall Rating

Azzaron The Most Wanted is potentially worth it as a blind buy, as customers give it a 4.6-star rating. They appreciate its bold, masculine, and sexy profile and its solid longevity.

Azzaro The Most Wanted Parfum
If making a statement on your next date is your goal, Azzaro The Most Wanted has a bold and masculine profile with wood, bourbon, and vanilla notes that will surely get the job done.

#6. Best Fresh Scent: Calvin Klein Eternity for Men EDP

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Eau de Parfum, 3.4 Fl Oz


For one of the best fresh fragrances for winter, look no further than Calvin Klein Eternity for Men. The more recent release is an update on the original, offering a refined, masculine profile that’s not overpowering. I like that it also maintains its sense of timeliness while being a bit upbeat.

One of the most noticeable notes is the cypress, giving it a woody quality. There’s also sage and geranium to keep things fresh, along with apple for a bit of brightness. Nutmeg adds spiciness, while vetiver gives it a smoky edge. You also have suede for grounding.


You can find 1.7-ounce and 3.4-ounce bottles, so getting the right size is easy.

Overall Rating

Customers also give it a 4.5-star rating. Many say it draws in plenty of compliments, which is always a bonus. Plus, they appreciate its longevity, and that a little goes a long way.

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men EDP
Calvin Klein Eternity has a masculine profile of cypress wood notes, sage and geranium to freshen and apple to brighten that works well in the winter.

#7. Best Classic Scent: Givenchy Gentleman EDP Reserve Privee

Givenchy Gentleman Reserve Privee for Men Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.3 Ounce


For any man who enjoys classic winter colognes, Givenchy Gentleman Reserve Privee does the trick.

The top notes feature whisky absolute and bergamot, adding sophistication and brightness. The middle has some softness thanks to the iris and a warm quality with the chestnut. At the base, you get classic aromas like cedarwood and vetiver. There’s also amber and vanilla in the mix, which is a widely used combination.

Overall, it offers solid longevity, too, with about eight hours of wear being completely possible. Just keep in mind that the scent profile is a bit mature, so it’s likely the best fit for men in their mid-30s and up.


As for the bottle sizes, 2-ounce, 3.3-ounce, and 6.8-ounce bottles are available.

Overall Rating

Customers give it a 4.7-star rating, with many recommending it as a blind buy. While it’s suitable for evenings, many customers also state that it works well for various occasions, including work, casual afternoon events, and more.

Givenchy Gentleman EDP Reserve Privee
If you are a seasoned gentleman who is wise beyond his years, the amber-toned elegance and timelessness of Givenchy Gentleman EDP is right up your alley.

#8. Longest-Lasting: Mancera Red Tobacco EDP

MANCERA Eau de Parfum Spray, Red Tobacco, 4 Fl Oz


For a long-lasting winter fragrance, you essentially can’t beat Mancera Red Tobacco. While your exact mileage will vary, some say it lasts literally all day. Fifteen or more hours of wear is pretty typical, so one application and you’re effectively set.

When it comes to the fragrance profile, the most noticeable notes are vanilla, cinnamon, and, of course, tobacco. It has an elegant, sweet smokiness that’s uplifted by touches of nutmeg, saffron, and agarwood. Plus, there’s patchouli for a little earthiness.

Just be aware that Red Tobacco is incredibly – almost outright offensively – strong when it’s first sprayed. This is a fragrance where planning ahead is essential. You want to apply at least 30 minutes before you need to head on your way so that you can give it a chance to calm down. Otherwise, it’s not just a bit much; it’s practically overpowering.


You can find 2-ounce and 4-ounce bottles available, allowing you to pick a size that meets your needs.

Overall Rating

Customers give this fragrance a 4.4-star rating. As you’d expect, they appreciate its longevity, as it lasts longer than nearly anything else on the market. Plus, they enjoy how the fragrance develops over time.

Mancera Red Tobacco EDP
Mancera Red Tobacco EDP has a long lasting scent of vanilla, cinnamon, and tobacco that can stay strong for practically the entire day.

#9. Best for School: Paco Rabanne Invictus Victory EDP

Paco Rabanne Invictus Victory for Men 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum Extreme Spray


When you need a winter cologne for school, you want to ensure it’s not overpowering. Plus, if you’re in school, you likely want a fragrance that feels a bit younger. Thanks to Paco Rabanne Invictus Victory, you can get exactly that.

Overall, it offers enough longevity to get you through a school day without reapplying. But it doesn’t have as much projection or sillage as many alternatives on this list, so it can work well in places where you’re close to other people, like classrooms.

The most noticeable notes are amber and vanilla, along with a burst of citrus at the open. There’s also pink pepper for some spiciness and lavender for softness. It also has a slightly powdery quality, which comes across as fresh and clean.


Generally, it’s got a subtle sweetness that feels youthful, but it’s balanced well to keep it masculine. You can find 1.7-ounce, 3.4-ounce, and 8.9-ounce bottles available.

Overall Rating

Customers give it a 4.6-star rating and say it offers reasonable longevity and has a crowd-pleasing aroma.

Paco Rabanne Invictus Victory EDP
Invictus Victory EDP has a modern masculine fragrance of fiery Tonka bean that is not overpowering and perfect for the winter classroom setting.

#10. Most Festive: Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille EDP

TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum 50 ML(1.7 OZ)


For lovers of the winter holidays who want a festive cologne that matches the season, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is potentially the perfect fit.

You get notes of cocoa, vanilla, and dried fruit, which feel perfect for the holidays. Plus, there’s a subtle smokiness due to the tobacco notes and a touch of freshness thanks to the ginger.

The end result is a sophisticated scent that blends well with the winter season. I also love that its a unique fragrance, offering up a profile you won’t find anywhere else. But even with its slightly unconventional nature, it’s very accessible and wearable, giving you an elegant air without coming across too strong.


If you want to try it, you can find 1.7-ounce and 3.4-ounce bottles, so getting your perfect size is simple.

Overall Rating

Customers give it a 4.4-star rating, with many appreciating its warm, memorable scent and solid longevity.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille EDP
If you want a festive scent, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille EDP would suit you well with its easily wearable notes of cocoa, vanilla, and tobacco.

#11. Best Luxury: Creed Aventus

Creed Aventus for Men 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray


If you aren’t afraid of spending a pretty penny on cologne, check out Creed Aventus.

It’s technically a year-round fragrance option, as it’s stout enough to work during the winter but vibrant enough for warmer weather. It also works well for nearly any occasion, including everything from days in the office to date nights.

You get a base of amber and musk offset by bright pineapple and black currant notes. There’s also a woody quality thanks to birch, as well as earthy oak moss and patchouli. Creed Aventus also has some floral touches for softness, including jasmine and rose.


Usually, the price scares people away from Creed Aventus, as a 1.7-ounce bottle can get surprisingly close to $400, and some larger bottles may exceed $1,000. Still, it’s worth considering if you’re willing to invest and appreciate a somewhat unconventional but very wearable fragrance.

Overall Rating

Customers give it a 4.2-star rating, with many enjoying its luxurious aroma and solid staying power. If the pricing is too outrageous for you (we think it is too), then check out these Aventus alternatives that come really close to smelling like the original but at a fraction of the price.

Creed Aventus
For the ultimate in masculine luxury and all around go to fragrance, Creed Aventus still holds a top spot, if you can get past the pricing.

#12. Best for Young Men: Versace Eros Flame EDP

Versace Versace Eros Flame Men 1.7 oz EDP Spray


For a scent profile that works well for anyone wanting something a bit youthful, check out Versace Eros Flame. Its a common fragrance you will see on many mens top 10 lists of colognes you should own.

It’s a fresh fragrance that’s a bit upbeat but also has a strong enough base to work well during the winter.

Overall, it’s well-balanced, featuring a mix of citrus and spicy notes along with warm vanilla. There’s also sandalwood and cedar for woodiness, along with oakmoss and patchouli for earthiness. A bit of rosemary adds an herbal quality, too.


You can find 1.7-ounce, 3.4-ounce, and 6.7-ounce bottles easily.

Overall Rating

Customers give it a 4.5-star rating, saying the scent is alluring and long-lasting.

You can also complement this fragrance with aftershave and shower gel in the same scent. Versace Eros Flame is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to layer to ensure that their fragrance lasts all day.

Versace Eros Flame EDP
The spicy and citrus notes with warm vanilla and wood aroma of Eros Flame is a popular option in the cabinets of most modern men.

#13. Most Versatile: Giorgio Armani Code Parfum

GIORGIO ARMANI Code Parfum - Refillable for Men - 4.2 oz EDP Spray


Giorgio Armani Code Parfum is a newer release by the fragrance powerhouse. It has a woody, aromatic profile that makes is fantastically versatile. But it’s also present enough to work well during the winter and offers solid staying power.

When it comes to the notes, Armani Code Parfum features bright bergamot at the top. The middle features a mix of clary sage, iris, orris, and aldehydes. For a base, you get a vanilla-like aroma from the tonka bean and a woody quality with the cedar.

The result is a bit sensual but also very wearable. Plus, it’s noticeable without taking up too much space, allowing it to work for nearly any occasion.

Additionally, they say it works well for the office and various everyday occasions but can also be a solid choice for special events or date nights.


You can get a 4.2-ounce bottle for a reasonable price, too, as it usually comes in below $150.

Overall Rating

Customers give Armani Code Parfum a 4.7-star rating, with many saying the scent is sophisticated without being too “old” smelling.

Giorgio Armani Code Parfum
Armani Code is a versatile perfume with wood and vanilla aroma that is perfect for any occasion during the winter season.

#14. Most Sillage and Projection: Nishane Ani Extrait de Parfum

Nishane Ani Extrait De Parfum Spray for Unisex, 3.4 Ounce


If you’re after sillage and projection – with a nice dose of staying power – Nishane Ani extrait de parfum is hard to beat.

As an extrait de parfum (not an eau de parfum), it has more fragrance oils than you typically find in an EDP. That means outstanding longevity – potentially up to 12 hours – and much more sillage and projection.

For the fragrance profile, you get a nice mix of bergamot, rose, and musk at the core. There are also touches of ginger for a fresh quality, along with a bit of vanilla and black currant for sweetness with a hint of tartness.


While a 100 ml bottle is a bit pricy, it only takes a dab to get a long-lasting fragrance.

Overall Rating

Customers give it a 4.3-star rating, with most praising its unconventional take on vanilla scent, staying power, and projection. If you want something that projects to the whole room you have arrived and are still here, Nishane Ani extrait de parfum is a nice call.

Nishane Ani Extrait de Parfum
The projection and long-lasting scent of bergamot, rose and musk from Nishane Ani works well in the cold winter weather.

#15. Most Exotic: Amouage Overture Man

Amouage Overture Man


If you’re like me, and you enjoy spicy fragrances but want something a bit exotic, check out Amouage Overture Man.

I like that you get some traditional notes like citrus, smoke, and wood, but it’s mixed with cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, ginger, and cumin. There’s also a dash of cognac, leather, and clary sage in the mix, resulting in an incredibly intriguing masculine fragrance.

With Amouage Overture Man, there’s also a sense of maturity. This isn’t a boy’s cologne; it’s designed for grown men who aren’t afraid of something a tad unconventional.

It offers excellent sillage and projection and a respectable 10 hours of wear from a single application.


Now, Amouage Overture Man is an investment at around $360 for a 100 ml bottle. But if you’re looking for a confident, mature fragrance that’s not like what most people wear, it’s worth giving it a look.

Overall Rating

Customers give it a 4.3-star rating, with most saying it’s perfect for dates and evening events. Plus, it’s one of the best men’s fragrances for fall and winter, so you can get at least two seasons of wear.

#16. Best for (Relative) Subtleness: Emporio Armani Stronger With You Intensely EDP

GIORGIO ARMANI Emporio Stronger With You Intensely for Men Eau De Parfum, Clean, 3.4 Fl Oz


Now, cold weather cologne is usually more pronounced than scents designed for summer, as you need extra power to combat the effects of the weather. But Emporio Armani Stronger With You Intensely isn’t overly dramatic or bold.

Instead, it’s ridiculously wearable, making it a good choice for men who prefer something a bit subtler.

The scent profile is warm and comforting, offering delectable notes like caramel, cinnamon, vanilla, and toffee. Lavender adds softness without becoming overly feminine, as it’s well-balanced with touches of amber and the scent of suede.

Since the percentage of fragrance oils is higher, thanks to it being an EDP, you also get solid staying power and nice projection and sillage without it being too much.


You can find 1.7-ounce and 3.4-ounce bottles without an issue, allowing you to select your ideal size.

Overall Rating

Customers give the fragrance a 4.6-star rating, appreciating its staying power and surprising wearability for a winter fragrance.

Emporio Armani Stronger With You Intensely EDP
For a subtle but well balanced profile of caramel, cinnamon, vanilla, and toffee, Stronger With You Intensely is a nice winter option.

#17. Best Leather: Killian Dark Lord EDP

Kilian Dark Lord Ex Tenebris Lux for Men 1.7 Oz / 50ml Eau de Parfum,KILNCU062


So the truth is, leather-forward fragrances aren’t for everyone, particularly when they’re on the drier side. But if that’s your deal, say hello to Killian Dark Lord.

This fragrance is aggressive in its leather base notes, so it works best on mature men who aren’t afraid of being bold or unconventional.

You also get some spiciness from touches of pepper and notes of wood and smoke thanks to touches of vetiver, cedar, and patchouli. There’s a dash of rum in the mix, bergamot for brightness, and jasmine for softness. But none of these hide the scent of leather in this fragrance.


Usually, you’ll find Killian Dark Lord in smaller bottles, with 50 ml being the norm. Fortunately, a little goes a long, long way, so those bottles last.

Overall Rating

When it comes to customer ratings, this scent isn’t for everyone, which is why it usually ranges between 3.5 and 4 stars. Still, those who like it love it, so if you enjoy leather fragrances, check it out.

Killian Dark Lord EDP
If you're a rugged guy, confident in his style already, Killian Dark Lord EDP has a strong leather profile that can have you stand out from the crowd even more.

#18. Best Warm Spicy: Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme EDP

Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb Extreme Men's Eau de Parfum Spray,3.04 Ounce


It’s hard to beat a warm, spicy cologne in the winter. Heck, that scent profile is even a solid choice for fall. Personally I think that’s what’s so awesome about Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme. It’s potentially the best autumn fragrance that can carry you through the winter.

While it’s called Spicebomb Extreme, it’s a well-balanced fragrance that combines comforting vanilla with an array of aromatic spices and herbs. You get notes of black pepper, saffron, cinnamon, and caraway, making it incredibly warm. Plus, there are touches of tobacco and bourbon, along with some amber.

The result is masculine and mature, and it’s surprisingly versatile, working well for the office, date nights, and even weekend lunches.


You can find 1.7-ounce and 3-ounce bottles available, so it’s easy to get the right size.

Overall Rating

Customers give it a 4.5-star rating, with many praising its longevity, wearability, and overall fragrance profile.

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme EDP
Keep it warm and spicy with the Spicebomb Extreme EDP; the spicy notes with deep floral and spice touches is a nice touch in the winter.

#19. Best Wood: Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense EDP

Tom Ford 'Oud Wood' Eau de Parfum 3.4,Black


For a woody scent that’s ideal for winter, Tom Ford Oud Wood could easily become your go-to fragrance. Yea its really that good.

You get a mix of exotic woods along with plenty of amber and spices, giving you a captivating, sensual scent that’s excellent for date nights and special occasions but could also work for everyday wear.

When it comes to individual notes, you have oud wood, sandalwood, and vetiver in the middle, with base notes of vanilla, amber, and tonka bean. At the top, you’ll find rosewood, pepper, and cardamom, making it slightly spicy and warm.


Finding 1-ounce, 1.7-ounce, and 3.4-ounce bottles is a breeze, so getting your ideal size is easy.

Overall Rating

Customers give it a 4.3-star rating, with many praising its sophisticated, masculine profile and solid staying power.

If you want something more potent, you can look for Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense eau de parfum instead. However, that fragrance was discontinued, so it’s sometimes hard to track down.

Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense EDP
If you want to keep it real masculine and woodsy, the Oud Wood Intense EDP has a sophisticated woody fragrance with middle notes of vanilla, amber, and tonka bean that hit the spot.

#20. Most Complex: Chanel Bleu de Chanel EDP

Chanel Bleu de Eau de Parfum Spray for Men, 1.7 Ounce


If you’re a man who appreciates a highly complex scent that unfolds in new ways throughout the day, Chanel Bleu de Chanel could be your perfect option.

It’s a woody fragrance that’s highly aromatic. You get spices like nutmeg, pink pepper, and ginger coupled with sandalwood, vetiver, and cedar. Plus, there’s a touch of incense for smokiness and jasmine for softness.

However, there are plenty of other notes in the equation. Mint adds a unique freshness to the mix, while grapefruit imbues Bleu de Chanel with a juicy quality. Plus, with patchouli notes, it all feels well-grounded, even as different aromas begin to emerge.


For bottle sizes, 1.7-ounce, 3.4-ounce, and 5-ounce bottles are easy to find.

Overall Rating

Customers give the fragrance a 4.4-star rating, with many appreciating how the scent evolves and offers excellent longevity.

Chanel Bleu de Chanel EDP
Bleu de Chanel is like an aromatic adventure, with elements of woody, mint for freshness, incense for smokiness, and jasmine for softness and more unfolding slowly throughout the day.

#21: Most Transporting: Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club EDT

Maison Martin Margiela 'Replica' Jazz Club EDT for Men 100ml Rare,3.38 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)


Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club eau de toilette isn’t just a fantastic scent; it’ll take you on a journey.

The fragrance profile is designed to transport you to a Brooklyn jazz club, introducing classic aromas like musk, tobacco, vanilla, and vetiver. Pink pepper brings spiciness, and you get touches of lemon and neroli oil that keep things intriguing.

Since the fragrance is supposed to remind you of a jazz club, there is also the aroma of rum. Clary sage brings in some herbal earthiness, too, and there is also a hint of resin for additional depth.

Ahh, the perfect jazz experience.


You can get it in 1-ounce or 3.4-ounce bottles, which are pretty classic options.

Overall Rating

Overall, customers give it a 4.5-star rating. They appreciate the unique scent profile it brings to the table, as well as the fact that it’s not overpowering. Just be aware that since it’s an EDT, it doesn’t have as much staying power.

Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club EDT
Replica Jazz Club's scent will remind you of a Brooklyn jazz club with the mixture aroma of tobacco, vanilla, musk and vetiver,

What Makes a Cologne Good for Winter?

What Makes a Cologne Good for Winter
What scent reminds you of winter?
Photo by Joanna Kosinska

Specific features make a cologne a better choice for winter than some alternatives.

First, you want to find a scent that’s base note heavy. Base notes are the longest-lasting part of any fragrance, so opting for ones that are highly present can give you staying power. Usually, this means choosing a scent that’s wood, musk, amber, or oud forward, as those commonly make up the base notes.

Second, go with an EDP or parfum over a cologne or EDT. With an EDP or parfum, you get more fragrance oils in the mix, allowing the aroma to last longer. When choosing an EDP, ensuring the perfume oil content is at least 20 percent is usually best. If you select a parfum instead, exceeding 20 percent isn’t typically an issue, as those usually have the highest concentration of fragrance oils.

How to Choose the Best Winter Cologne: A Buyer’s Guide

How to Choose the Best Winter Cologne
What should you look for?
Photo by Gift Habeshaw

Now that you know about many of the amazing winter fragrances for men on the market, how do you choose your perfect match?

What do you like?

Well, the first step is to consider what scent profile appeals most to you. Do you like woody fragrances, spicy ones, or something that leans fresh? Let your personal preference and style be your guide initially, as that helps you narrow down your options.

What do you want to feel?

Next, you need to consider what sort of emotions you want to evoke. Are you after something sensual, or do you prefer a casual scent that feels professional or accessible?

Once you know that, factor in longevity, projection, and sillage.

When will you wear it?

Then, it’s time to think about when you’ll wear it, as what you want in a date night scent isn’t probably what you’re after for an office-appropriate one.

How good is the brand?

Finally, factor in the brand’s reputation and customer reviews. Companies known for quality usually deliver on their promises. Plus, a lot of positive reviews can give you additional insights, allowing you to make your purchase confidently.

Fragrance Layering for Winter

Fragrance Layering for Winter
Do you like multiple scents? Wear them at once!
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Fragrance layering is the process of applying several scent products at the same time (or over and under each other).

During the winter, this can be a smart move. Fragrances dissipate faster in cold conditions, and the dry air caused by heaters can also make them fade quickly. By layering, you can create a custom scent that sticks around or strengthen a single one so it lasts.

Generally, you’ll use a combination of product types. For example, layering shower gels, deodorants, aftershaves, and colognes can work well. Each kind of product works slightly differently, so the scents linger in unique ways. Plus, they’re not used on the same parts of the body, which is beneficial.

For single-scent layering, you simply get several products in a matching fragrance. If you want to layer different fragrances in the winter, you need to approach it strategically.

The best move is to apply the heavier scent as a starting point. That helps you understand your base, ensuring anything lighter on top of it complements it correctly. In most cases, you want to make sure that the scents dry down similarly too, ensuring the end result works well together instead of conflicts.

Final verdict

Christian Dior Dior Homme Intense Eau de Parfum Spray for Men, 5 Ounce

Overall, we think that Dior Homme Intense is easily one of the best winter fragrances and colognes for men. It’s sensual without being overpowering, offering up a mix of soft florals, musk, and woods for excellent balance and outstanding wearability.

Plus, it’s long-lasting and has enough legs to stand up to harsh winter conditions, ensuring your fragrance sticks around.

Christian Dior Dior Homme Intense EDP
A perfect balance of floral and earthy notes, Dior Homme Intense is perfect for getting complements and lasting long enough in the winter months.

But the thing about fragrance is that you need to pick one that’s right for you. So, if Dior Homme Intense isn’t your perfect match, that’s okay. Try something else instead. That way, you can get a cologne that leaves you feeling confident throughout the season.

Which on the list was your favorite? Let us know below!

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Which Perfumes Are Good for Winter?

During the winter, you want to select a fragrance with more perfume oils, such as an EDP. Winter weather conditions and temperatures can cause scents to fade quicker. By going with a high-quality fragrance with a higher percentage of perfume oils, you get more staying power.

Choosing a fragrance that’s base note heavy is similarly wise, as those are the aromas that linger the longest.

What Is the Best Deo for Winter?

When you’re looking for a winter deodorant, choosing an alcohol-free product with moisturizing features is wise. Winter weather conditions and the use of heaters can dehydrate skin, so selecting a deodorant that addresses sweat without drying out your skin is smart.

Then, choose a scent-free deodorant or one with a scent that layers well with any other fragrances you’re wearing. Some deodorants come in scents that match specific colognes, so those can work well if your selected fragrance has a deodorant companion. If not, either choose a complementary scent or skip the scented deodorant altogether.

Can You Wear a Winter Cologne Year-Round?

You can wear a winter cologne year-round, but being strategic is a necessity. Winter fragrances can seem strong during the heat of summer.

So, if you want to use a winter cologne as a signature scent, apply it lightly as the temperature rises. Additionally, consider a winter fragrance with some fresher or brighter top notes, as that may help balance out the stronger base notes.

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