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Review Policy: Looking for a Guru? It's Not Us!

It’s so easy to claim to be a guru or “expert” in anything these days. 

Just throw up an IG, X (formerly known as Twitter), or Tik Tok page and you can start talking about anything you want. Maybe what you hear is true and maybe its not. 

The same goes with YouTube channels and blogs. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love these platforms as ways for regular people to start creating content and establishing themselves as experts over time in any field.

Because seriously, the cost of a “college degree” is really a joke. I believe you don’t need that expensive paper to prove to the world you are valuable. 

But at the same time, I have always had a problem with pretending to be an expert so people trust you online. The “fake it till you make it” mantra. 

That means users may not know the full truth behind recommendations made by those people who really don’t know anything yet. From a creator perspective, you may fall victim to the imposter syndrome and not continue creating content.

How to Go From Nobody to Somebody in Any Niche

So what if you are a noobie and don’t know much about the space you are interested in? What do you do to get ahead?

My answer is to be honest and straight up. 


Tell the world that you don’t know anything at all. But you are interested and love it and want to learn more.


Sure, but I believe people will respect you and trust you more that you don’t know anything if you come out and disclose it!

Counter intuitive right?

The trick is we as people appreciate transparency and honesty above all things. 

If you make a mistake, get it wrong, new and uninformed, just say so. We are forgiving creatures. God made us with love like that.

My Approach

This basically describes how I have decided to approach the cologne fragrance space. 

Im not a guru. Im not professionally trained. I don’t know anywhere near as much as some of these other fragrance bloggers and YouTubers or even compared to a trained perfumer. 

But I like it. My wife likes it. And it interests us and we want to learn more. 

So if you dig that, cool. Stick around. If not, thats cool too. But at least now you know.

Also because we’re not so hard core with all of this, and its more of a hobby for us, we approach the whole thing with a fun, curious, sense of wonder. We don’t take fragrances so seriously. It’s supposed to be an art, magical and a personal journey. Plus our kids and full time jobs keep our attentions alot!

So our plan is to try as many mens fragrances as we can. Give ourselves time to really appreciate each fragrance’s nuances. Then share our findings. 

Based on everything you know about us, you can use that information appropriately to make the decision that’s best for you. 


I remember reading from another blogger that he doesn’t believe in giving bad reviews because perfumers and fragrance makers work really hard to create their products. Plus it’s all so subjective anyway. 

I agree with him. 

So our rankings will be something like 1-5 Stars.

  • 5 – We Adore it. It has a distinctive uniqueness.
  • 4 – We Like it, its nice 
  • 3 – Its ok, its wearable
  • 2 – Not exactly what we are looking for
  • 1- No bueno at all

In general, 3’s may be the bulk of what we try. 5’s will be the rare…holy moly how good is this scent! And you won’t see much 1’s because it’s got to be really bad. And once again that’s too negative. 

Other thoughts

Ok so what am I forgetting… oh yes

  1. All of our opinions are our own. Nobody is paying us to say anything. If we do get paid, we will let you know. But we do get compensated if you decide to click on the links on this site and buy. See our About page for affiliate policy.
  2. What we think isn’t the end all be all. We are learning that smell is extremely personal. And what everyone thinks smells exceptional may not be the case for you. I’m here to tell you that it’s perfectly ok!
  3. Take your time. You may want to rush through the process of picking up a nice cologne. But the truth is, it wasn’t until I stopped treating it as a quick check off the to-do list activity, that I began to enjoy the process and really appreciate the vast fragrances. It’s still ALOT. But now I can enjoy it. 



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