Bleu de Chanel Review: Is She Standing Closer?

bleu de chanel review

If you don’t know much about perfume or colognes, theres a good chance still you have heard the name Chanel.

The Chanel brand is so classic that you can consider it one of the early innovators of fragrances dating back to the early 1900’s. Chanel was recognized as having a simple, plain but expensive taste. 

Fast forward to 2010, and Bleu de Chanel was born. Created by Jacques Polge, this mens fragrance hits with a woodsy masculine but soft and citrusy clean profile that is a crowd favorite. 

Bleu de Chanel consistently gets high praise. You even have guys like Timothée Chalamet (from the new Dune movies) representing the brand. 

So obviously I had to try it out myself to see what all the fuss is about!

Bleu de Chanel is that rare combo of woodsy, citrusy, and spice that gives off sophistication and confidence with warmth and compassion that every man is looking for. 

Bleu de Chanel EDT
Bleu de Chanel hits you with a combo of nutmeg and pepper for sweet softness plus white musk and sandalwood for masculinity, then a surprise citrus minty coolness that is perfect for the confident goal oriented yet kind hearted gentleman climbing the ranks in his life.

Overview and First Impressions

Blue de Chanel initially struck me as very elegant, and sophisticated. The box is simple. The bottle is not flashy. Just a simple looking but strong dark navy blue bottle with a firm cap that has the logo of Chanel branded on it. 

After a quick spritz to my wrist, my first first impressions of Bleu were a combination of woodsy and softness, almost powdery. But the softness didn’t make it less masculine. Actually it enhanced it.

What does Bleu de Chanel smell like? 

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According to the manufacturer there are 3 sets of notes.

  • Top notes: Grapefruit, lemon, mint and link pepper; honestly I didn’t detect these in the initial spray. But the citrus did show up after about 20-30 min into the dry down. 
  • Heart notes: Ginger, nutmeg, jasmine, Iso E Super; gives you some warmth, and softness
  • Base notes: Incense, vetiver, cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, labdanum and white musk; keeps things masculine

Bleu de Chanel made me feel like this was a man who is definitely a sophisticated guy. He is goal oriented, has seen things in his life and has overcome them. He is confident but not so much that he comes off arrogant. 

What’s interesting is as you’re getting the sophistication of the woodsy notes, you get softness too. I’m not sure which notes this represents, maybe the pick pepper and nutmeg?

But the softness feels like this guy is compassionate in his heart. You feel like you can trust him and be comforted by him. 

After 30 minutes, it evolves into a more citrusy and fresh scent which is a pretty cool surprise!

The minty coolness and citrusy freshness, but lingering softness kept me tapping my wrist to my face!

My wife really liked the smell. In the open, she felt like it had a sweet, floral scent but with a masculine undertone. Something like an air freshener that you spray in the house and everyone says “oooh that smells great”!

On the drydown she felt it was more of the same with a little fruitiness. 

How long does Bleu de Chanel last?

what does bleu de chanel smell like

After 1 spray on my wrist, I could smell Bleu de Chanel for several hours. But it does fade, so you may only get about a couple hours before it gets weak. 

The sillage is also decently good. Pass anyone and they will definitely turn their heads.

This bottle was an EDT (eau de toilet) so the concentration isn’t as strong as it could be so I think you need 2-3 sprays to win the day with the Bleu. I imagine the EDP and parfum would have better longevity and projection. 

Best Season and Occasion to Wear Bleu de Chanel

The nice thing about Bleu de Chanel is it qualifies as a signature scent. This means you could wear it pretty much all the time, anytime! This is because it works well in the daytime like in the office, because of its combo of fresh, clean, softness, and masculine. 

But it could also work for outings, events, and especially for date nights with its sensual sophisticated feel. I think the EDP and Parfum would be better suited for this though. 

The best season would likely be summer and spring, but you could get away with cold weather too. Maybe one more spritz in the winter for good measure.

How versatile is it?

As I mentioned before, Bleu de Chanel gives off a certain kind of guy vibes to me. If you’re younger, more into fun, and adventure, living the life, then I think maybe Bleu is for you. 

But personally, Bleu really feels like a grown man’s scent. A professional with a clear eye for what he wants and needs to do for his family but also kind hearted and at peace with himself. 

But I feel like it would attract younger women too! 

My wife disagrees. She thinks the soft sweetness plus masculine tones gives a Cosmopolitan kind of guy, aged 20-40, into his work, and who really cares about his look. She likes the fragrance but not sure how much she likes it on a man who considers himself a manly man. 

For other reviews, people online either are indifferent (smells like regular shower gel), hate it (smells like semi dried clothes left in the drawer after a day) or love it (perfect masterpiece). So yea, all over the map!

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Value for Money

Bleu de Chanel is definitely not a cheap fragrance. The bottle sizes come in 1.7 oz, 3.4 oz, and 5 oz bottles. Prices range from $130-165. But you can get it for under $100 if you search.

Even though it’s not cheap, I still like it as a good value for all the quality you get.

Final Thoughts and Ranking

So my ranking for Bleu de Chanel is 5 stars! Why?

Overall, I think you’re getting a quality luxury brand with a scent profile of sophisticated, fresh,  and warm, that is killer. Bleu de Chanel has decent longevity, and is versatile enough to use throughout the day on most occasions. 

It made me feel like the man I aspire to be, strong and focused, but also patient and kind hearted. My wife really loved it, which is something rare for her. With that, I think it’s a pretty good buy. 

Definitely worth at least considering the smallest bottle first and seeing how you like it. If you like, then upgrade to the EDP for better performance. My guess is you will quickly push it to the top of your fragrance collection!  

Bleu de Chanel EDT
Bleu de Chanel hits you with a combo of nutmeg and pepper for sweet softness plus white musk and sandalwood for masculinity, then a surprise citrus minty coolness that is perfect for the confident goal oriented yet kind hearted gentleman climbing the ranks in his life.

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