777 VIP Men Review: Where’s the Party?

777 VIP Men review

Walking in the mall the other day, I was stopped by a gentleman at one of those fragrance cart stations you see. Generally I would have done the same thing you probably do, and keep walking as they make a desperate attempt to capture your attention. 

Honestly this would have been exactly my response too, but I was curious about a few scents and wondered if I could check out a few samples. 

One of the fragrances I sampled was the 777 VIP Men: You Are Exalted. This cologne is actually a duplicate of the more popular 212 VIP Men created by Carolina Herrera which launched in 2011.

The whole vibe for her 212 line was to inspire the New York lifestyle of partying, fun, night life and being excited and charismatic with your crew. 

Sounds like fun!

777 VIP Men was probably trying to do the same. I couldn’t find much about the maker of this fragrance but it is part of the EBC Collection. 

777 VIP Men
777 VIP Men starts with a fruity fresh scent, but drys down to a sweet cinnamon roll powdery kind of smell that wears off pretty quickly. Ideal for the party goer and night club guy.

Overview and First Impressions

777 comes in a nice bottle with a silver cap, not super elegant but it’s cool. When you spray it on it gives off a sweet fresh smelling aroma. 

I couldn’t find the notes included in the 777. Since it’s a copy of 212 VIP Men, I’m including the notes for 212 here since they’re probably the same but definitely not for sure.

  • Top notes – passion fruit, lime, pepper, ginger; gives it that initial fruit but cool kinda smell
  • Heart notes – vodka, mint, gin, spices; didn’t really catch that at all
  • Base notes – amber, leather, woodsy; maybe I caught that in the end but honestly I didn’t…

What does 777 VIP Men smell like?

When I initially sprayed it on, it had a fruity but fresh smell. I was ok with that. But over time, the scent settled into a sweet, powdery smell. 

Did it make me feel anything? No, not really. If anything, I felt a bit less masculine. My style is more mature and the sweet smells can give off a feminine feel I don’t really care for.

My wife thought it smelled like cinnamon rolls and powdery. It was ok, but not the kind of scent she likes on a grown man

How long does 777 VIP Men last?

what does 777 VIP Men smell like

Another disappointing detail, the longevity and sillage isn’t very good. After one spray and one hour, you can barely catch the scent. You may have to take 3-5 sprays to get yourself right. 

Best season and occasion to wear 777 VIP Men

I think that the sweet fruit scent tends to align with exactly what Carolina Herera designed 212 for: the party goer, night life, in the mix kinda guy. That’s cool and all.

But I’m a 40 year old married man of 2 children who likes to chill with his kids and wife and do fun stuff together. 777 doesn’t exactly align with my style.

If you’re younger, and live in the inner city, going to clubs and bars with your boys to meet women, then this might be a good fit for you. 

The summer spring seasons should work well. Maybe switch to something more potent in the winter? 

How versatile is it?

Keep in mind that these reviews are from people who tried 212 VIP Men. I am simply extrapolating their thoughts to the 777 because you can’t find many people talking about the 777. 

It seems like most people who try 212 like the passion fruit, gin, woodsy combo you get. Some think it’s definitely screams night club while others think it’s just ok.

But it does wear off fairly quickly, depending on the batch you get. A couple sprays before a night out or a party should work. 

Value for Money

The 3.4 oz bottle of 777 VIP Men cost me $30 at the mall kiosk. If I had just done a quick Amazon search, I would have gotten it for $20. So the mall guy messed me over. If the scent profile is something you like, then it’s a decent deal for a cheap cologne

Final Verdict and Thoughts

Overall, I give this 777 VIP Men 2.5 stars.

The scent is ok, but I honestly don’t like the sweetness and powderiness. If there’s any woodsy notes, I didn’t get it. So not masculine enough for me. Also the sillage and longevity was really poor. My wife didn’t care for it. 

If the party scene is your jam and you’re young looking for women to hang out with, then this may be worth checking out.

It’s possible the original 212 VIP Men would have performed better with a different scent profile so I will have to sample it to know for sure. 

But for now, 2.5 is all that I can give 777 VIP Men. You Are Exalted! 

Oh and the moral of the story…be careful buying from the mall guy! 

777 VIP Men
777 VIP Men starts with a fruity fresh scent, but drys down to a sweet cinnamon roll powdery kind of smell that wears off pretty quickly. Ideal for the party goer and night club guy.

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